Repairing Summer Damage To Your Hair

Damaged Hair

Don’t let pool chemicals damage your hair. Come to Charisma and repair your damaged hair

Summer is finally here and it couldn’t come soon enough! But with summer comes the inevitable summertime hair damage. Also, pool chlorine, heat damage, and damage from coloring keeping your hair healthy is harder in the summer. It’s no wonder we have so many clients come in needing help repairing their summer damaged hair.

We tell all of our clients who have concerns about brittle, dry, and pool damaged hair. In addition, we have been working with some new conditioning treatments and Wella oil treatments that have been helping our clients repair and fix their dry damaged hair.

Pool Damaged Hair

The chlorine and chemicals used in swimming pools can do a lot of damage to your hair. These same chemicals that keep the pool clean will strip your hair of its natural oils and essentially break down the hair through chemical reactions. These reactions cause damage that affects your hair’s elasticity and leaves your hair feeling brittle. If you’re dealing with damaged hair from a swimming pool, we recommend getting a Malibu Swimmer’s Hair treatment.

This treatment was developed for dry and damaged hair from pool chemical exposure. This hair treatment draws out chemicals that your hair absorbs from the pool. The Malibu Swimmer’s Hair treatment leaves your hair feeling strong and flexible, even after a long day at the pool,

Oil Treatments for Dry Damaged Hair

These treatments will help you dry, damaged, brittle hair feel hydrated, strong, and better than ever. We have several to choose from, and all of which can be added onto a cut or done by themselves. We wrote a little about them on our blog last month.

How to Continue Keeping Your Hair Strong After An Oil Conditioning Treatment

The best way to support your hair health after an oil treatment is with using the line of Wella and Malibu hair care products. These products are specifically designed to help maintain your hair’s health long after you leave the salon.

We frequently run specials on all our hair products and hair conditioning treatments. Call for this month’s special and don’t forget about our “First Sunday Of The Month” sale. Book your appointment today!