There are many benefits of a facial, facials help cleanse the skin and remove toxins caused by pollution, dirt, grease and makeup that you encounter everyday. At Charisma Salon and Day Spa of Detroit, we offer a wide variety of facial treatments to choose from, call us today or book online your next facial treatment.

Facial Services
Charisma Facial Cleansing & Facial Massage $61.00
Charisma Facial x/Glycolic Peel $77.00
Charisma Facial w/Active Eye Contour $77.00
Active Eye Contour $50.00
Back Facial $51.00
Express Facial Basic Cleansing $40.00
HydroptimaleTM Hydrating treatment $87.00
Correcting Treatment Controls Blemishes and Oil $71.00
Lift Defense Anti Aging Facial $95.00
Glycolic Peel $50.00
Destressing Men’s Treatment $71.00
Ultimate Charisma Facial $160.00
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