MoroccanOil Conditioning Treatment

Help Your Damaged Hair With A Deep Conditioning Treatment At Charisma Salon!

Help your heat damaged hair with a MoroccanOil conditioning treatment !

This time of year the weather is drying out, and so is your hair and scalp. Thankfully here at Charisma Salon in Livonia, we have just the thing to help! Our MoroccanOil conditioning hair treatment can help repair chemically and heat damaged hair, leaving your locks feeling light, strong, and rejuvenated.

Our conditioning treatment starts with the original MoroccanOil conditioning treatment. This product is known for its infused Argan Oil and vitamin E extracts. These natural oils help hydrate and repair damaged hair while leaving it looking shiny and silky. We then customize this conditioning treatment by assessing your hair’s needs. We’ll either add either an extra boost of hydration with the Moroccan Oil Hydration formula or an extra reparative with the MoroccanOil Restorative formula. The hydration formula will condition your hair and leave it hydrated and healthier than before while the Restorative formula will help frizzy or damaged hair by strengthening your hair all the way through

Need Help Controlling Your Frizz?

If you need a way to tame your frizzy damaged hair, then a nice Moroccanoil conditioning treatment is perfect for you. This treatment will help your hair become more manageable while strengthening and hydrating your hair. Your wild mop will look silkier, smoother, and more manageable. Talk to one of our stylists for more details.

Split ends?

It’s amazing everything a Moroccanoil conditioning treatment can do for you. Help with your split end, heat damaged hair. It starts with the main ingredient, the argan oil makes your hair healthier and stronger and will help with your damaged hair.  

*Please note that in some of the products used in our services contain allergens such as almond oil, coconut oils, and other natural oils and can cause issues for those with allergies. Please contact us at our Livonia Michigan salon to request more information and to ask any questions you might have on allergies or cost of getting  the best manicure and pedicure or any other nail services in Metro Detroit.

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