Featured Products At Charisma Salon!

New at Charisma Salon and Day Spa! We are now carrying such luxury brands as the Kevin Murphy hair care lines and Living Proof. Also, both brands stand out in the hair care field and are known for their advancement in hair care and styling. These featured products are going to make you look great, pick yours up today!

This month we are featuring a few products in our monthly specials and wanted to tell you a little more about them! 

Featured Products Line at Charisma Detroit

Kevin Murphy Products

Kevin Murphy Featured Products at Charisma!

Kevin Murphy products are perfect for the conscious green consumer

If you’ve ever had or admired a beach wave, you have Kevin Murphy to thank. With his attention to detail, high-quality ingredients, and sustainable practices Kevin Murphy has become a global phenomenon and a leader in the industry. In addition, his products are focused on longevity, strengthening, and helping hair feel lighter and not weighed down.  

Furthermore, Kevin Murphy is an all natural, organic, sustainable, and cruelty-free Kevin Murphy has everything the conscious consumer could want.

Living Proof

Living Proof is a luxury hair care brand that was founded by hairdressers and innovated by scientists. Also, they have been working hand in hand to create products that are proven to improve hair health over time.

This marriage of science and hair care professionals has led to over 20 patents. As well as over 40 products, countless awards, and many fans. In addition, Living Proof has innovated what the industry thinks of hair care with science and cutting edge technology. Their products are proven to work and have the numbers to prove it.

Living Proof Products test

Living Proof products have the technology and the science behind them that makes your hair great!

From their website:

“In a study of over 670 women, 3 out of 4 saw an instant improvement in their hair after using Living Proof, and after 6 months 97% of regular users said their hair was significantly healthier, manageable, shiny, smooth, strong and thick.”

Finally, if you want to try Kevin Murphy or Living Proof products we are running specials on all their hair care lines for all of July and August of 2017!  Book your next hair appointment today!