Paraffin Treatments for Dry Skin this Winter

Paraffin wax dips are a salon treatment used for manicures and pedicures to help hydrate and rejuvenate dry damaged skin. This petroleum and mineral oil based wax product were first used in the 1950’s by doctors to help arthritis patients with pain relief. By the 1980’s it was commonplace in nail treatments and pedicures in salons as a way to help dry or damaged skin.

Here at Charisma Salon and Day Spa, we use paraffin dips in our manicure and pedicure treatments as a way to help our clients relax and repair their hand or feet. We highly recommend it during the dry winter months to keep your skin healthy and hydrated!

Paraffin Wax Dips and It’s Benefits

Paraffin dips for hydrated and feet

Paraffin wax is a warm relaxing way to help your skin stay happy and healthy. The wax helps with pain relief, can help detoxify your skin, and has amazing hydrating effects. It works by coating the skin with a hot wax that typically is around 116 degrees. When the wax coats the skin blood rushed to the upper layers of skin and opens up the pores.

The wax will trap heat near the surface of the skin and helps with joint pain and achy muscles. Typically your hands or feet will be dipped until there is a nice thick layer of wax. Once these layers harden, they are removed along with dead skin leaving your skin hydrated and healthy.

If your skin needs a break from the harsh dry winter, come and have a spa day at Charisma Salon and Day Spa Detroit. We’ll help you feel and look refreshed and your skin will thank us. In addition to paraffin baths, we also offer facial services, massages, and other body services listed on our site. So why wait! Book your spa day at Charisma!