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May specials are here! We want you to take advantage of the specials we are running this month so you can feel your best! One company we are offering this month is a local Michigan business called Creation Pharm. We love promoting local businesses from the Mitten state, and want to give you a little info about what we are carrying.

Creation Pharm is a company that’s based out of Beulah, MI up on the North West area of the lower peninsula.

We are carrying their Chamomile and Lavender Calendula Cream product, chamomile is known for its relaxing properties while calendula oil is great for hydrating dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin. Along with treating eczema it is also known to help with restoring damaged skin tissue and can help irritated skin.

We are also carrying their balm of Gilead product. The Balm of Gilead Herbal Salve is made from the buds of the Black Poplar Tree that is infused with Juniper, Eucalyptus, and Marjoram essential oils. These essential oils help create a balm that not only soothes your skin, but is hydrating as well. Use for soothing relief from minor aches and pains from skin conditions along with Arthritis and Tendinitis. 

Creation Pharm is also known for their wonderful soaps. Their soaps are all infused with natural essential oils and are made by hand in Michigan. If you love natural soaps with a beautiful smell that not only get you clean, but help relax and invigorate you, try these products out!

We are offering 15% off all of all of our Creation Pharm items for the month of May.

We are also offering $10 off facials, 15% off Sebastian products, and a $5 Lorielle Paris conditioning protein treatment.

Come in, get your hair done or just stop by to take advantage of our May specials.