Back to School Haircuts

School is almost here and we here at Charisma want everyone looking snazzy for their first day! You don’t want to show up to your first day looking like a mess. We want to help keep your hair healthy and looking great, which is why a fresh fall cut is exactly what you need! Get your back to school hair cut before the year starts!

Get A New Look For The New School Year!

We want to give you one of the hottest back-to-school looks for Fall 2017… let us introduce: The Balayage Look

Back to School Hair Cuts and New Look

The Balayage

It may seem a little familiar and remind you of an ombre, but we promise they are different. The biggest difference between a balayage and ombre is that the ombre look has dark rooms that lighten in color all the way to the tips of the hair. Whereas the balayage technique has varying highlights that create a dimensional look. The balayage look doesn’t have a distinct line where the color stops and a balayage starts where as an ombre does. Another difference between the two is that an ombre has brighter roots all around, whereas the balayage has varying color on the roots.

The best parts about the balayage technique is that it’s a low maintenance hair color style that looks great as it grows out. Where at as an ombre fades, and is more high maintenance.

Kids Haircuts for Back To School

You want your little one to look snazzy on their first day (and for the following picture day as well!). We can help get your little one ready for school and looking like a million bucks! Our stylist are great with kids and will help your kid’s haircut come out great!

Make sure to book your appointment soon because we are filling up fast! Make sure you and your child are ready for the new school year!