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Tribute to Dolly

Remembering an Incredible Woman

Dolly Ettenhoeffer

It is with heavy heart, and much sadness that I am writing this. There are no amount of words that can describe who Dolly was, because she was so many different things, to so many different people. It seems that only in death can we begin to see just how much of an impact she has had on so many. Dolly’s passion for life and everything she did shone out of her like the brightest summer day.  I’ve never met anyone like her. To me, she was a mentor; someone that believed in me more than just about anyone else in this world. To you she may have been your hairdresser, confidante, encourager, rock, teacher, and if you were lucky even your herbalist. This woman had so many different passions it’s pretty mind boggling. From hair, to quilting, to fitness, and as we all know her passion for holistic living. There has always been a little joke at our salon that if Dolly ever asks you how you are you better respond with “Dolly I’m wonderful.” and mean it, or she had just the thing to make you feel better. Anything from peppermint oil, to a mustard and Cayenne bath, she was sure her remedies would fix you right up. Even though she did all of these amazing things in her free time, what was even more special about Dolly was her generous, giving nature. She was passionate about people above all else.  Many people were fortunate enough to receive handmade, heartfelt gifts from both Dolly, and her husband Mike. She truly devoted her entire life to bringing joy to others. I believe she was the closest thing to an angel on earth that you can get. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to not only know, but love this incredible woman.

Thank you for loving and sharing,
For giving and for caring,
God bless you and keep you,
Until we meet again.


Please join us in remembering her life.

Memorial Gathering: December 17th 3p.m.-7p.m.

Carpenter Road Chapel (2400 Carpenter Road Ann Arbor MI, 48108)


Memorial Mass: December 18th

10:30 a.m.

Old St Patricks Catholic Church (5671 Whitmore Lake Road Ann Arbor MI, 48105)


Ashley Asztalos and the entire Charisma Family.